Our Robin

The robin ties our three product lines together: Ferris Robin, Ferris Robin USA, and The Ferris Company. Ferris Robin is our aerospace softgoods manufacturing company, Ferris Robin USA is our Bootstrap product line and The Ferris Company is our bags and accessories!

We adapted the robin as our Logo for two main reasons. Our founder and President was named Robin after the “Curtiss Robin” aircraft (her father was a navy pilot). It is from her knowledge and experience that we are able to continue producing quality US-made items for consumers and for the aerospace industry. So, it is only fitting that we take our brand name inspiration from our Founder.

Our Logo also encapsulates the beauty and traits of the American Robin. This connection to nature also plays a huge part in our commitment to take product and style inspiration from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. We vow to make bags that you can take with you when exploring not just our vibrant city streets but also our forests, waterfalls, and hiking trails. We will make sturdy and all-season bags inspired by the Robins resilience. And we will make them here in the USA.

See the robin proudly embroidered in our beautiful bags:



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